Preparing for Competition Day

Competition takes preparation. Here’s what to expect before competitions:

Two Weeks Before 

  • Choose your competition dress
  • Find out your skate time

One Week Before

  • Practice full routine(s) in competition dress
  • Finalize location and traffic expectations

Competition Day

  • Arrive one hour before your competition start time for warm-ups

Competition Day Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure you remember everything:

  • Music CD – a must!
  • Skates – you’d be surprised
  • Two pairs of tights – it’s wise to have a spare
  • Extra laces – just in case
  • Team Jacket – wear with pride
  • Dress – look like a champion
  • Hair – long hair should be pulled back in a sleek ponytail
  • Makeup – Irma will help with makeup
  • Tennis shoes – for between programs