About Basic Skills Competitions

The U.S. Figure Skating Association (USFSA) is the governing body of  figure skating’s basic skills competitions. The competitions provide skaters with the opportunity to gain experience in competition and demonstrate the skills they developed through hard work and training.

About the 2013-2014 USFSA Illinois Basic Skills Series

The following information is directly from the Illinois Basic Skills Series. . .

During the season, skaters will have the chance to compete at different competitions and earn points for a final standing. An awards ceremony will take place in July where the TOP 3 skaters from each level for compulsory and free skate will be awarded a medal. You need not be present at the season end ceremony to receive your award. The final award announcement will be emailed to all qualifying skaters on July 10, 2014 for the location, date, and time of ceremony.

Series Point System

The Free Skate/Program with Music events and the Compulsory/Elements events of each of the Series Competitions will be eligible for accumulating points.

Each event will have a maximum of six skaters. The system for scoring points for the final award will be as follows:



1 6
2 5
3 4
4 3
5 2
6 1

If an event has two to six skaters, points are awarded as if there were six skaters in the group. If there is only one skater in the group, he or she will be awarded three points. If last-minute changes cause groups to become larger than six skaters, then all skaters finishing lower than sixth will receive one point.
At the end of the Series, if all scores are tied, the tie will not be broken. Points are accumulated for Compulsory and Free Skate events separately.

The following events will be offered:

  • Snowplow Sam – up to Freeskate 6
  • Test Track: Beginner- up to Preliminary
  • Well-Balanced: No Test- up to Preliminary

Skaters moving to the next level during the Series will take their points with them. If a skater moves up a level for at least two competitions, they will receive an additional 3 points. Check the Skating Council website for updated points>>