Building Figure Skating Champions in Chicago


Figure Skate Chicago Skating School does more than teach figure skating. We build champions. We ensure that our skaters have the opportunity to achieve both individual and team success to gain the confidence they need to grow.

Join Our Skating School

We are accepting beginners, starting at age five, and competitor skaters to join our skating school. If you are interested in joining, please send us a request for an interview:

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The Figure Skate Chicago Skating School Advantage


When learning to figure skate, it’s important to receive the proper instruction in order to develop exceptional skating skills. Our program focuses on developing the technical skills to perfection. Each skater learns at his or her own pace and advances based on their ability to master each skill. We are accepting applications for those interested in learning how to skate, with a goal to be a competitor.

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Our team of competitors earns first, second and third place rankings due to their hard work and dedication to on-ice and off-ice training. We are the only skating school in Chicago with access to two hours of consecutive ice time, two days a week for group training. We also offer private lessons to help students advance faster. We are accepting applications for skaters who want to join Team Figure Skate Chicago.

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Team Figure Skate Chicago participates in Basic Skills and USFSA competitions throughout Northern Illinois. As a team, we encourage each other to skate for individual and team success. We are accepting skaters who are interested in competing in Basic Skills competitions and USFA competitions.

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